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Enable/disable individual debugger statements


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Firebug provides an option to disable debugger statements so that they wouldn't pause execution. It would be useful to have that in the debugger as well and apparently pdf.js and shumway devs use this in their workflow.

We can't use the mechanism for disabling breakpoints, but a new option to the thread actor's reconfigure request should work well. In the UI we could add another option in the context menu, next to "disable all breakpoints" that says "disable debugger statements".
It would be even better if dbg statements just showed up in the breakpoint list, and you could toggle them on/off individually.
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: Add an option to disable debugger statements → Add an option to enable/disable individual debugger statements
Summary: Add an option to enable/disable individual debugger statements → Enable/disable individual debugger statements
Had another recent request for this feature.  I'm going to add this to our polish list.
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(In reply to Bryan Clark (DevTools PM) [@clarkbw] from comment #2)
> Had another recent request for this feature.  I'm going to add this to our
> polish list.

FWIW, this sounds like it would be relatively easy to implement. When a debugger statement is hit, we trigger a debugger callback. At that point, we can either decide to pause, or to ignore the this particular debugger statement. We know where we are in the code when the debugger statement is hit, which should allow us to identify which debugger statement we just hit (but as usual, source maps make this more complicated than it needs to be). I don't know what the UX for this should be, but I'm sure Helen has some good ideas there.

In any case, let's up the priority on this bug to P2.
Priority: P3 → P2
Assignee: nobody → jlaster
This is a more complex feature and we are working on moving the debugger to HTML which involves a significant amount of rewriting. I don't think this is the right time for a feature like this. Q2 is going to be focused on the rewriting, but in later quarters we can talk about this again.

I don't think I ever would have used such a feature, and it will be yet another point in which our debugger may do the wrong thing (especially with sourcemaps). I'm not against it but I'd like to hear that enough people find this valuable.

It's fine if we want to do it, but something which covers much of the code (backend, frontend, UX, etc) really should wait until next quarter at least.
Assignee: jlaster → nobody
See Also: → 1300934
The bug on github was closed 

>closing as we'll be able to discuss this as one of many enhancements

>feel free to add to the discussion even though it's closed

Does anybody know if this is being worked on? Everytime I want to develop on firefox, there's a feature missing that's on Chrome/Chromium :/
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Enable/disable individual debugger statements. r=loganfsmyth
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