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Homescreen should interpret every swipe as a useful command


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When I do a short diagonal swipe in an empty area on my Inari's homescreen (B2G 1.3), it interprets the gesture as a weird "peek" command about half the time. By "peek", I mean it moves the current panel of icons to the left by about 10 pixels and shows 10 pixels of the next panel for about half a second before going back to the original panel of icons.

I would argue that this is *NEVER* what the user wants to happen when they do a swipe gesture. I personally find it pretty annoying.

We should always interpret swipes on the homescreen as a useful action, e.g. as a command to advance to next page on homescreen, bring down notification screen, click on icon, etc.
For comparison, the homescreen on my iOS 7 device interprets every quick swipe (no matter how short) as a request to navigate to the next page of app icons.
Mass update: Resolve wontfix all issues with legacy homescreens.

As of 2.6 we have a new homescreen and having these issues open is confusing. All issues will block bug 1231115 so we can use that to re-visit any of these if needed.
Blocks: 1231115
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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