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Enable background thumbnailing on beta and release


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We should enable background thumbnailing on the beta and release channels.  There are still many open bugs blocking bug 841495 and bug 870100, but crash bugs are the primary reason it's disabled.

Gavin and I discussed the remaining crashers blocking bug 899758, and the worst one is bug 898825 since it's the parent process that crashes.  Bug 893404 was also a parent-process crasher, but on closer look it doesn't actually seem to be a crash bug anymore, so I removed it from the list of crashers blocking bug 899758.

The other crasher blockers are content process crashes, which we gracefully recover from, failing assertions that don't actually crash the browser, or crashes that occur in OOP tabs and social but not in thumbnailing (so far, anyway, in some cases).  Bug 902755 is a hang, and I posted a patch there for review.

In summary, the one remaining, problematic blocker is bug 898825.  However, it's only speculated that it's related to thumbnailing, and crash-stats shows no reports in the last 28 days.  So I think it's safe to enable background thumbnailing on beta and release, but I would like to land the hang bug 902755 in the same cycle.

CC'ing Shane since Gavin said he might be interested since social also uses e10s.
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woohoo :)  It might be worth getting a build peer to sign-off on the change though.
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gps, would you mind looking at this patch's changes to,, and browser.ini?  We're removing the RELEASE_BUILD checks everywhere to enable this feature and its tests on beta and release.
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Gavin and I decided not to block on the hang bug 902755, or on bug 914920, which I was able to reproduce recently.  We also decided not to uplift to Aurora/26.
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Is this feature going to be enabled on Beta 27?
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