window.fullScreen enabled on new about:home causes issues (FullScreen Add-On)




6 years ago
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6 years ago
See screenshot.

Install Full Screen Mobile Add-On (top add-on @ and then visit about:home

The navigation and address bar are lost and this is going to cause confusion to users when this hits Beta and Release and those that use this popular add-on.
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Sriram, could you have a look at this one?
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6 years ago
In-case anyone is running the add-on on Beta, this should be noted
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This bug is seen on 25 too.
1. Go to a page from about:home.
2. Turn on fullscreen.
3. Hit back to about:home.
4. HORRRRROR! Oh nooooooo!

Comment 4

5 years ago
You're right I see this too on Firefox 25. What action should we do here if any as a result?
To work around this, I'll try modifying my add-on to automatically exit full-screen mode while on about:home.
I don't think this is a bug we fix in Firefox. Firefox is doing the right thing in that it only supports fullscreen in a "single page" fashion. We don't really support being in fullscreen all the time.

We don't have an "Extension Compatibility" bugzilla category or I'd move it there.

Renom'ing for tracking. I don't think this should track.
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We should look into removing code to handle window.fullScreen
Don't think we should relnote either given comment 6 and that we have enough Known Issues for Firefox for Android that have wider impact.
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4 years ago
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