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Unable to import some mozmill libraries (l10n) into the repository


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I wanted to import l10n module [1] into a new library I'm creating for metro.
First I tried: 
> var l10n = {};
> Cu.import('resource://mozmill/modules/l10n.js', l10n);

but it failed with "export is not defined" at line 8:

Then I tried with require:
> var l10n = require("l10n");

But it's failing with:
> "Module \"l10n\" not found"

So far I tested this on Windows 8, but it might unrelated to the platform.

We currently import frame.js (for example) successfully with the first method, but that module makes use of EXPORTED_SYMBOLS.
Whiteboard: [mozmill-2.1?]
This module is not an old-style one but a securable module. So EXPORTED_SYMBOLS will not work.

As pointed out on IRC we set the module folder as rootPath, but somehow it doesn't look inside this folder?
This bug will not be taken for version 2.1. We might want to re-evaluate for 2.2.
OS: Windows 8 → All
Whiteboard: [mozmill-2.1?] → [mozmill-2.2?]
Mozmill will reach its end of life soon. We are currently working on getting all the tests for Firefox ported to Marionette. For status updates please see bug 1080766.
Closed: 5 years ago
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