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"-moz-appearance: textfield" doesn't make elements look like a textfield, on B2G


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Bug 875275's reftests currently assume that <button style="-moz-appearance: textfield"> render the same as <input>, theming-wise.

That assumption holds up everywhere except for B2G, apparently, per my most recent Try run there. The B2G "R6" orange is due to this:

(The textfield-vs-button rendering difference is particularly noticable in the view of "margin-padding-1.html" in reftest-analyzer there.)
Here's a reftest patch that can be pushed to Try to demonstrate this bug. It has two variants (one with a <div>, one with a <button>) with "-moz-appearance: textfield".

Both variants fail on B2G, as showed in this Try run:

So this isn't <button>-specific -- it fails with <div>, too.  So it looks like B2G just ignores "-moz-appearance: textfield" altogether.
Summary: <button style="-moz-appearance: textfield"> doesn't look like a textfield on B2G → "-moz-appearance: textfield" doesn't make elements look like a textfield, on B2G
For reference, here's the relevant snippet of the reftest log from the Try run in comment 1 (showing the failures in the moz-appearance-1* reftest files that are included in the attached reftest-patch).
Closing as we are not working on Firefox OS anymore.
Closed: 2 years ago
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