crackling when walking in Goo Technologies Web Audio Demo

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Getting cracking in the audio when walking around.
The audio is cracking when you walk far away from the band playing music.  As you walk further away, the cracking increases.  The same is true when you walk towards the band.  When you first start the demo, if you don't hear music, toggle the audio on and off to fix the problem.
What's the behavior of this in Chrome?

(FWIW I don't get any audio playback in Nightly on Mac, and I think that's probably a bug in the application itself.)

From the description, it seems like this is a PannerNode problem?
No issue in Chrome release.  I ran the same repro sets and was unable to recreate it there.
The crackling happens when the MediaStreamGraph thread gets close to 100% CPU, which is when tapping the forward (w) or back (s) keys at a rate to generate frequent stepping sounds.  Each step creates a new HRTF panner.

So the issue here is spending too much cpu processing silence in the panners before they are GC'd, which is also part of bug 923319.

This is resolved by the patches in bug 898291, which depend on patches in bug  	923301.
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Depends on: 898291
Summary: Goo Technologies Web Audio Demo → crackling when walking in Goo Technologies Web Audio Demo
Closed: 6 years ago
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