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text/plain wrap doesn't work


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User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Tablet; rv:24.0) Gecko/24.0 Firefox/24.0 (Nightly/Aurora)
Build ID: 20130911123540

Steps to reproduce:

installed Firefox (v24) on Android 4.1 tablet 10"
loaded a text file: 1.1 MB unicode ebook.

Actual results:

text was rendered unwrapped. 
I had like 300 characters in every line

Note: desktop version of Firefox doesn't have this problem. 

Expected results:

text should be dynamically wrapped according to text font, Android screen size and screen orientation
Summary: text wrap doesn't work → text/plain wrap doesn't work
Is this a dupe of existing readability bugs in core? If not, track worthy?
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Please let me express how profoundly important the lack of text reflow on zoom is for me.
I am a huge fan of Firefox and have been for decades.
Every day I am frustrated by the often obnoxious hassle that this creates with web browsing on my phone and my tablet.

There were (pre web extension) many addons that attempted to make up for this missing crucial functionality.
Now there are a few, and none works well enough that it can be left enabled - the JavaScript guesses at when a zoom is completed and what the center of the new layout should be (this seems to be impossible).
What elements to reflow are sometimes selectable in an options dialog.

The only things I've found that help are to buy a device with a big screen - I jumped right on to "phablets" when more money could get a significantly larger screen - and always have Opera installed.

I don't want to need to have Opera, but I cannot recall even the most difficult webpage for Firefox being any trouble for Opera.
As much as I can praise Firefox for all its virtues, I can praise Opera for how well and how easily it reflows text on any website. It's really quite a strange mix of emotions, after having given up on Firefox and opening the page in Opera: such a relief to be able to finally read the webpage and yet *why* is my favorite browser so utterly inept at rendering a readable webpage.

That's enough from me. Oh, I'll also mention that I do not set a default browser.

Maybe there would be a few more users if they could go through a browsing session without reaching a site that they simply can't read.

Side note: I just can't get Firefox to stop zooming out as I type this. It zooms out so far that the text illegibly small.
I'll try to attach a screenshot.
This strange behavior is something that I noticed as I was trying to enter the text of my comment.
It might actually be related to the bug, as reflowing and zooming should be related.

I did not realize that I could not just attach a file to my comment.
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