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Firefox Account Branding


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>>Project/Request Title:
Firefox Account Branding

>>Project Overview:
Firefox Accounts are a safe and easy way to connect with Mozilla and non-Mozilla services across all of your devices -- laptop, phone, desktop or tablet -- so you have access to the services and data you need, whenever you need them, from wherever you are. Firefox Accounts will debut on FFOS 1.3 As the account system behind Where's My Fox and Marketplace.

>>Creative Specs & Deliverables:
Firefox Accounts has a rudimentary logo (see attached) but this needs to be brought in line with Mozilla's design language. Ideally, we'd like a Logo, Glyph and Wordmark for Firefox Accounts, but we leave the final decision to the Brand Engagement team.

Prior art can be found here: 
FFOS Fte Flow >>

Formats should ideally be vector (SVG or EPS) and high resolution flat-files

>>Launch Date:

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>>Mozilla Goal:
Firefox OS

>>Points of Contact:
Thanks John. Good talking to you yesterday. I had a conversation with our CMO today about this, and (as I expected) he was of the opinion that we don't need a distinct logo for Firefox Accounts. That said, it does sound like we'll need some sort of glyph or other visual representation of the product.

Not sure if this requires another meeting or not, but could share more info about how such a glyph might be used? Both in the immediate sense of FxOS 1.3 but then also in the larger sense of how this gets integrated into desktop, Android, etc. 

I'd also be interested in how it's referred to in the it "Sign in to your Firefox account"? That sort of thing?

Let's keep discussing...
Whiteboard: [qa-]
Any updates?
Who handles branding for a new Mozilla product anyway?
Is this a PM thing or someone else/some other group?

/me wonders about how Persona branding happened...
Hey John: 

We are referring to Firefox Accounts in the way you discuss as in "Sign in to your Firefox Account", "Create a Firefox Account", or "Use your Firefox Account to complete your purchase". 

1.3 Is our first targeted release and FxAccts will be used to provide authentication for Marketplace and Where's my Fox. Our next milestone on Desktop and Android is sync replacement. The goal, more generally, is a single sign on which authorizes these services as well as others downloaded/purchased through the Marketplace. Further, we would like to use FxAccts as an identity provider (powered by Persona) to enable passwordless login on the web as well (imagine Persona as one of our attached services).

For 1.3 Branding is needed in FTE and settings. Given the time constraints, a glyph seems like the sensible choice. For Desktop and Android, my sense is that Firefox Accounts will require similar styling as the graphic elements in preferences menu and/or along the bottom of the Firefox Homepage.
Switching to QA+. UI/UX work = QA testing...
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Thanks John. That's helpful. Any examples you could share from our upcoming products (wireframes) or perhaps competitive references (how do other similar products/organizations handle this) would be very useful as well.

Re: comment #3, as a starting point, you can come to me (I work on the brand team). The Persona branding is a bit of a long story...I can explain it sometime if you'd like.
Adding two new (speculative) videos: 

Signing in to marketplace with a Firefox Account:

Signing in to your Firefox Account dashboard:

The first video shows a user accessing Marketplace with their firefox account. The second shows a highly speculative case of a user signing in to a firefox account dashboard, a management portal for Firefox account attached services.
We have been working on some designs for a website that eventually will reside at These artifacts will provide additional context for the need for a brand.

User flow and low-fidelity wireframes PDF:

Mobile flow (PDF):

Other places the logo may appear:
I wanted to check-in on the status of the FxA Branding strategy.  Are we making progress on this?  We do have a deadline in December, and I wanted to make sure we aren't waiting until the last minute.

John S: looks like all we need now (and soon) is a standard icon/wordmark for Firefox Accounts (a la Firefox OS). Should I prod Ty or Sean for this?
(In reply to Ryan Feeley from comment #10)
> John S: looks like all we need now (and soon) is a standard icon/wordmark
> for Firefox Accounts (a la Firefox OS). Should I prod Ty or Sean for this?

Doing that work will be easy. But first, I'd like to be a little more clear on how this will be used...from the examples in comment #7 I see both Firefox Account (as in "sign in to your...") and Firefox Accounts (as in the product name at the top of a sign-in window). Is this really something that needs to be branded? I'm not convinced that it needs to be a proper name, basically.
It's our version of a Google account or an Apple ID, but for our products, our devices, our websites, and eventually the open web (like how the Google account is used in the Chrome Web Store and the Play Store).


Maybe this video will help make clear why we need a name/logo for the service:
John, Scratch last comment: this is the correct URL:

The video is slightly behind current art, but gives an overview of how FxA is used on the phone. Essentially, FxA is the SSO for all Mozilla services on the phone ( Marketplace, and Where's my Fox, Sync etc). It's going to be very difficult for users to understand/manage an SSO that doesn't have a name.
Thanks John - the extra info helps. And to clarify, I'm definitely not opposed to having a name for the product. My thoughts at this point are around the best way represent accounts and to have it fit into our larger family of brands. With that in mind, I'm not sure that it needs a formal wordmark, for example. And is it Firefox Accounts or Firefox accounts? That sort of thing.

Lloyd had suggested having a quick meeting early next week to talk it through. I think we'll be able to make a lot of progress that way.
Hi all. I know the Mozilla break is just beginning, but my understanding is that we need to resolve the key branding decisions on this very quickly upon our return. I think we've come to some good agreements in our conversations outside this bug, but it would be great if the Accounts team could provide some current details on the types of things that need to be resolved (naming, etc) and what you'll need from my team (glyphs, etc) so we can check them off the list in early 2014.

Thanks, and happy holidays!
Feels like we've answered the original questions posed here (and are now moving on to bigger-picture stuff around services naming), so I'm going to close this. Please re-open if you disagree, of course (or file a new one if you need anything else).

Also, John G, please do share those updated sign-up flows like we'd discussed over email. I'd love to see 'em.
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