Alerts from showAlertNotification of nsIAlertsService do not appear above other fullscreen applications in OS X




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Steps to reproduce:

Fired an alert with showAlertNotification() of nsIAlertService from Thunderbird/Firefox in OS X 10.8.4 while a different fullscreen application has focus.

Actual results:

No alert appeared.

Expected results:

I'm not sure if this is the desired behavior, but I would think that alerts should still pop up above other fullscreen applications (e.g. Thunderbird's new mail alert would still appear when Firefox is focused in fullscreen mode).  Right now, the alert only appears if the application sending the alert is focused in fullscreen mode or if the desktop is focused.

I don't know about the logistics of this though.  Maybe it is hard to show the alerts over other applications?  Other applications I use are capable of showing alerts over fullscreen applications (e.g. Growl, and even Google Notifier for Mac which hasn't been updated in three years).

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5 years ago
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