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Create a System app region for "app install confirmation"


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A few tests use this confirmation prompt, eg test_homescreen_delete_app, test_homescreen_launch_app.

We can make all these tests use the single confirmation region.
Hello, this is the first thing I will be working on for Mozilla (if I get to start). I know only python and have no prior experience in open-source projects. Can I be of any help?
Yes you sure can Aman!

What we want is for a "App install confirmation" class in "tests/python/gaia-ui-tests/gaiatest/apps/system/region" folder.

It will be very similar to this in the homepage app.

Once you've created that you'll need to search through all of the tests to find the where the region can be used and update the tests and app objects to use it.

If you flick through our existing tests you'll be able to see the style of code that we use.

If you have any more questions you can email me or find us in the #mozwebqa IRC channel.
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Reassigning to bitgeeky :)
Assignee: aman.abhishek.01 → mozpankaj1994
:zac just a raw idea of the new class ConfirmInstall in , also please let me know some test where 
is in use , so that i can get a better understanding of how to make changes in tests and use the new ConfirmInstall class.
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Raw idea of the new class ConfirmInstall in

Hey bitgeeky, that's perfect!

If you search for 'app-install-install-button' in the /gaia-ui-tests/ folder then you'll be able to search backwards and find the tests and app objects that are using it.
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:zac please have a look at this attachment , and suggest changes if any :)
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bitgeeky, this looks great.
Now you need to file it as a pull request so that we can run it on devices and run it on Travis.

Almost ready to merge :)
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Nice pull, it works perfectly both on a device and on desktopb2g!
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Let's bring this into v1.2 too.
It looks to be clean but marking ? just as not 100% sure.
status-b2g-v1.2: --- → ?
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thanks :zac :)
Taking for v1.2 uplift
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Uplift for v1.2
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