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Lightning 2.6.1 install.rdf should have Thunderbird minVersion of 24.0.1


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Lightning 2.6.1
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Actual results:

When Lightning auto-updates on any Ubuntu (who have only Thunderbird 24.0 in their repositories and did not update to 24.0.1 until now) Lightning does not work any more, shows a completely empty grid with distorted chrome. You know perfectly that Lightning 2.6.1 does not work on Thunderbird 24.0, so why is install.rdf listing a minVersion 24.0 for Thunderbird and not 24.0.1 as it should read?
Summary: Lightning 2.6.1 install.rdf should have Thnunderbird minVersion of 24.0.1 → Lightning 2.6.1 install.rdf should have Thunderbird minVersion of 24.0.1
Philipp, could you please correct min and max version on to ensure we don't automatically update Linux users to a version that is known to not work together?
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AMO doesn't have those versions available as accepted appversions yet. I had written the admins an email and jorgev will take care of that later today. Afterwards, I can set up the min/maxversions correctly.
I've fixed this by changing the versions via the UI on AMO. I hope this actually works. I've tested on mac and got the right updates, but I've read a comment that it doesn't work too.
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I can confirm that it works now for Thunderbird 24.0 on Ubuntu (they still did not react to the launchpad bug 1244619) - asking Lightning 2.6 for updates returns nothing as it should be. Btw, did you fix 2.6's maxVersion also (it should read 24.0)?
What about the files in Will it be fixed in the xpi / source package for e.g. 2.6.1 before uploading?
No, I didn't change anything in the releases dir, nor did I retag the builds. I guess we can do that in this bug. I cannot change the xpi on AMO itself, the min/maxversion is just a UI / updates change.

I've changed min and maxversion to the same respective value for 2.6 - 2.6.2.
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What is the status here? Is the minVersion/maxVersion issue relsolved for 2.6.4 on AMO and Source?
Philipp, any update here?
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Ok, this was far more annoying than I thought. I spent way too much time writing a script to do the maxversion changes in batch and the manual steps also took ages.

* I've fixed 2.6 - 2.6.3 on
  - Changed the min/maxversion to match what is on Calendar_Versions on mdn
  - Updated the source to use @THUNDERBIRD_VERSION@ as the maxversion

* I have attached my outgoing changesets which I want to push to comm-esr24
  - Changes maxversion to @THUNDERBIRD_VERSION@ as above
  - Can't do this for 24.1.0 since it uses the same relbranch as 24.1.1

Mark, can you take a look at this to make sure its sane?
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I don't understand why you want to do this. This would mean that you have to download a new version of lightning each time, whereas the advantage with being on the 24.x tree is that you don't.
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Mark, these commits are (unless I did something wrong), just to fix the problem for the 2.6, 2.6.1, 2.6.2, 2.6.3 releases, which were affected by bug 927073. 

I don't really think anyone is going to build these versions, but if they do pull from hg using a tag from one of the affected builds, i.e. THUNDERBIRD_24_0_1_RELEASE, they should get a Lightning that is only compatible to this release.

2.6.4 and on should continue to use @THUNDERBIRD_MAXVERSION@. Makes sense?
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Ah ok, r+a=Standard8.
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