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[User Story] Calendar Invitation Receipt


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User Story:

As a user, I want to be able to receive invitations for calendar events and accept or decline those invitations.  I expect that an acceptance (or a decline) will notify the meeting organizer of my intent.

Acceptance Criteria:

1. When I receive an invitation for an event, I am notified of that invitaiton
2. I am able to accept, tentatively accept or decline invitations
3. If I accept the invitation, the event is added to my calendar
4. If I tentatively accept the invitation, the event is added to my calendar, but with a visual distinction from regular acceptance
5. If I decline the invitation, the event is not added to my calendar
6. My acceptance choice is sent back to the sender of the invitation as a response email.
Depends on: 931979
Assignee: nobody → gaye
Whiteboard: [ucid: Productivity1] → [ucid:Productivity1, 1.4:p2, ft:productivity]
Notably, it might make sense not to send the acceptance choice if we're adding to a "local" calendar.
For the Calendar UX spec v0.4, do we need to send email to attendees locally once we send invite to them?
CalDav spec details: (in all its technical glory :))

It's worth noting that handling "local" updates is probably a lot more complicated then server to well supported server (Yahoo, Google, Apple).
Blocks: 950209
Whiteboard: [ucid:Productivity1, 1.4:p2, ft:productivity] → [ucid:Productivity1, 1.5:p2, ft:productivity]
Attached file [1.4 Calendar] all_v1.0.pdf (obsolete) —
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visual spec of invitation updated.
visual spec of invitation detail updated.
Minor updates according to L10n suggestions
Attachment #8367150 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Blocks: 970144
Fixing dependencies, this is not part of visual refresh.
No longer blocks: 950209, 970144
Depends on: 970144
please check attachment for the latest invitation spec.
thank you~

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