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5 years ago
Users in the analytics user group should be able to subscribe to reports that they use frequently. These reports would then be sent to their email address at the specified cadence.

The user should be able to set the following for a subscription:

1. Type of report (wordcloud/list/specific search phrase)
2. Date range for report (previous week to current work/previous month to current month)
3. Frequency of reports (Daily, weekly, etc)

Users should also be able to subscribe to Alerts. Alerts will be based on the version comp feature. Alerts will have the following parameters:

1. Keyword(s) (can be left blank to trigger on any word.
2. Delta/Alert sensitivity, ie how much must the frequency change to send an alert.

Let me know if you want me to open separate bugs for these.


5 years ago
Summary: All users to subscribe to reports/alerts → Allow users to subscribe to reports/alerts
There seems like a lot of overlap between this bug and bug #934845. What's the difference between the two?
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5 years ago
Hey will. This bug covers the interface for the user to set the criteria for custom alert/report subscriptions. The other bug is for the ability to create and email the reports. Frontend/backend separation. If you'd like them all in one bug please let me know.
For many things, it's usually hard to do one without the other. Putting them both in the same bug is probably better initially. We can always break out large projects into smaller bite-sized chunks later.
Pushing this off to 2014q1 because I can't get to it this quarter.
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We have no alerts/reports system, so I'm taking this out of the queue.
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I think this is covered by the stuff Cheng and Robert are doing.

Matt: Can we close this out as WONTFIX?
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4 years ago
You are correct. WONTFIX it is!
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