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There's currently some debate over whether we want this, but...

The idea is to have a modal lightbox type of effect over all browser chrome UI, forcing people new to Firefox to decide between starting the first-run tour or to opt-out.

We'd only need this blocking the chrome UI, not the actual page, as the page can do that part. Makes it *much* easier to design/implement the content of the lightbox.
Lightbox effects are so web 2.0... ;-)

I'd go for something a bit more whimsy, like have the overlay be 100% transparent and its contents in an unconventional shape with a drop-shadow to indicate its modality?
Re. unconventional shape: think about a Sean Martell illustration with a floating button (in the shape of a cloud?), for example...
Priority: -- → P4
This is a pretty big change from the current UITour design, and introduces a number of UX complications (as in "if we don't fix that, the user's browser will seem broken." Keeping open for future consideration, but not a near-term target.
Marking as Australis:M- since it's not part of the planned Australis tour.
Whiteboard: [Australis:M-]
Moving open UITour bugs to Firefox::Tours. Filter on firefox-tours-20150121.
Component: General → Tours
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