Mozmill should not be allowed to modify the profile_args and runner_args objects from caller



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4 years ago
As what I have seen while working on mozprofile and some testing with out automation scripts, Mozmill messes around with the callers profile_args and runner_args. This is somewhat bad and can cause unpredicted application behavior, beside duplicated entries in lists. In the following an example:

There is some code which makes use of the Mozmill create() method, and which handles a list of add-ons on its own. As of now Mozmill modifies this original list of add-ons:

    def some_method():
        self.addon_list = []

        profile_args = dict(addons=self.addon_list)
        runner_args = dict(binary=self._application)
        mozmill_args = dict(profile_args=profile_args,
        self._mozmill = mozmill.MozMill.create(**mozmill_args)

        print self.addon_list

For the final print I would expect to see an empty list, but instead you currently get:

['/mozilla/code/mozmill/mozmill/mozmill/extension', '/mozilla/code/mozmill/jsbridge/jsbridge/extension']

That means Mozmill itself modifies variables from other tools. I don't think that we should do that, and better do a deepcopy of those passed in references to operate on our own object. Really, if an API has to return a modified version of that object, it should be done via a getter or return value but not silently.

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4 years ago
Created attachment 828619 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch v1

Andrew, please check my initial comment on this bug for the description. This patch is not finalized yet, given that it misses a real test. For now I would like to know if that is the correct route to go. I don't see a better one, without moving too much overhead to the consumers.
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4 years ago
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Patch v1

Review of attachment 828619 [details] [diff] [review]:

This makes sense to me, and looks like the right approach. Was this actually causing a problem?
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4 years ago
(In reply to Andrew Halberstadt [:ahal] from comment #2) 
> This makes sense to me, and looks like the right approach. Was this actually
> causing a problem?

Yes, i have noticed that while working on the add-on stuff in mozbase and by using our automation scripts, which in some cases create a second instance of Mozmill to run another set of tests. Here our list of add-ons has been manipulated by Mozmill so the mozmill and jsbridge extension were listed even twice at the end. With that I also found bug 935436 which is fixed now.

Thanks for your feedback! I will create a proper mutt test for it.

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4 years ago
Created attachment 828845 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch v1.1

Patch with tests for both profile and runner args.
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Patch v1.1

Review of attachment 828845 [details] [diff] [review]:

This looks good, though it doesn't have the change from the previous patch. I've already f+'ed it though, so this r+ applies to everything.
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4 years ago
Created attachment 829338 [details] [diff] [review]
patch v2

That's happening when you don't do a rebase before the format-patch command. Sorry for that. Here the complete patch with the formerly feedbacked code change by taking over r+.
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4 years ago
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