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Supersearch for multi-word term is confusing


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I supersearched:

"app notes" "has terms" "cycle collector fault"

This produces no results because ES is tokenizing these on word boundaries. Adrian provided a workaround with:

"app notes" "has terms" "cycle"+"collector"+"fault"

This is not exactly the search I wanted; I want to be able to search for that phrase, even if internally ES is tokenizing by word and then filtering later. In any case, if the first form isn't going to return any results, the UI shouldn't let you enter it that way.
Assignee: nobody → adrian
Also, it looks a lot to me like what does is to actually search for "cycle" or "collector" or "fault" (instead of *and*) so it's even more insufficient with what we get atm.
Elasticsearch indeed does an "OR" by default when several fields are passed with the same operator. I can change that to be an "AND".

KaiRo, is that what you want?
No. The search should in effect be a true substring search. Probably you want ES to search using AND and then filter on the actual data.
(In reply to Adrian Gaudebert [:adrian] from comment #2)
> KaiRo, is that what you want?

There's two things: The most pressing is what Benjamin says in comment #3. The other is that I think it would be good if both AND and OR would be available in some form (and it would be obvious to people what is in effect).
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1. See first comment! :)
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Fixes bugs 922739, 937263, 959617 - Added phrase queries to Super Search.
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