[Window Management] Remove WindowManager or AppWindowManager reference in system app



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WindowManager is going to deprecate.
In current system app there're lots of modules depending on WindowManager(old)/AppWindowManager(new) to do their tasks. Most of these reference should be removed and replaced by publish/subscribe.

activity_window.js:        // tell WindowManager to open it.
activity_window_factory.js:            var app = AppWindowManager._activeApp;
app_window_manager.js:  window.AppWindowManager = {
app_window_manager.js:        console.log('[AppWindowManager]' +
app_window_manager.js:  AppWindowManager.init();
cards_view.js:    displayedApp = AppWindowManager.getDisplayedApp();
cards_view.js:    runningApps = AppWindowManager.getRunningApps();
cards_view.js:    AppWindowManager.display(null);
cards_view.js:      AppWindowManager.display(e.target.dataset.origin);
cards_view.js:    AppWindowManager.kill(element.dataset.origin);
cards_view.js:        var app = AppWindowManager.getActiveApp();
homescreen_launcher.js:      // XXX: We shall change WindowManager to use manifestURL
icc_worker.js:      if (WindowManager.getRunningApps()[application]) {
lockscreen.js:    // hardware buttons events. As a result WindowManager is not defined when
lockscreen.js:    var app = 'WindowManager' in window ?
lockscreen.js:      WindowManager.getCurrentActiveAppWindow() : null;
modal_dialog.js:        if (origin == WindowManager.getDisplayedApp() ||
modal_dialog.js:            this.currentOrigin != WindowManager.getDisplayedApp())
payment.js:    var title = AppWindowManager._activeApp.name;
permission_manager.js:    if (detail.fullscreenorigin != WindowManager.getDisplayedApp()) {
popup_manager.js:    if (AppWindowManager.displayedApp == origin) {
popup_manager.js:        if (AppWindowManager.displayedApp !== evt.target.dataset.frameOrigin)
popup_manager.js:    var app = AppWindowManager.getActiveApp();
screen_manager.js:    if (this._screenWakeLocked || !AppWindowManager ||
screen_manager.js:        !AppWindowManager.getDisplayedApp()) {
sim_lock.js:      WindowManager.setDisplayedApp(this._lastOrigin);
source_view.js:    var url = WindowManager.getDisplayedApp();
system_dialog.js:          // Prevent AppWindowManager to shift homescreen to the first page
system_dialog.js:          var activeApp = AppWindowManager.getActiveApp();
trusted_ui.js:    var app = WindowManager.getRunningApps()[origin];
trusted_ui.js:    var frame = AppWindowManager.getRunningApps()[origin].frame;
trusted_ui.js:    if (!AppWindowManager.getActiveApp().isHomescreen) {
trusted_ui.js:    if (AppWindowManager.getDisplayedApp() == origin) {
updatable.js:  if (WindowManager.getDisplayedApp() !== app.origin) {
updatable.js:  WindowManager.kill(this.app.origin);
visibility_manager.js:  // WindowManager should set the visibility of app iframe to false
visibility_manager.js:              detail.origin != WindowManager.getDisplayedApp()) {
window.js:          AppWindowManager.display(this.activityCaller.origin);
window_manager.js:var WindowManager = (function() {
window_manager.js:      return AppWindowManager.displayedApp;
window_manager.js:      return AppWindowManager.runningApps;
window_manager.js:    setDisplayedApp: AppWindowManager.display.bind(AppWindowManager),
window_manager.js:      return AppWindowManager._activeApp;
wrapper_factory.js:      var runningApps = AppWindowManager.runningApps;
wrapper_factory.js:      var app = AppWindowManager.runningApps[config.origin];
Assignee: nobody → alive
Summary: [Window Management] Remove all WindowManager or AppWindowManager reference in system app → [Window Management] Remove WindowManager or AppWindowManager reference in system app
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
Last Resolved: 6 months ago
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