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Write test case to enable WiFi from the utility bar


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Test case:

Test setUp steps:
Disable Wifi, forget all networks

1. Slide out the utility bar
2. Tap the WiFi button
3. Wait for Settings app to become the "displayed_app" and switch into it.
4. Assert that the WiFi button is toggled and some Wifi networks are listed.
(from here the workflow of connecting to WiFi is covered by

Put this test into the /functional/system/ folder.
Mark the test in the manifest.ini, but this test should be disabled for tbpl and non-device testing as they don't have WiFi access.
Thanks for giving me the time to work on this!  Shoutout to all those who want to take this test from me - please don't!  I need to ramp up on this to learn.  Thank you.
As soon as I have 8061 nailed I'll start this one.  They have some of the same steps.  Thanks for your patience.
Still looking into this.  Please do not take.
Very bad first rough draft of the testcase.
John I never noticed that you filed a patch here.. really sorry!
Do you still have time to file it as a pull request so we can review it properly?

Otherwise I can put this back out to community pasture and they can work off your patch.
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Zac - actually, this is only partially done.   I still need to get the last command in.

I've been pretty bogged down with e.g. mwc stuff, so if you need to push ahead on this, please feel free to take it (I'm sure there are more tests to automate?).  Otherwise I'll get back on it in a bit.  Sorry about that.
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Assignee: jhammink → nobody
I'll take this one back!  Only one more step to go, anyway, and now I think I have time :)
Assignee: nobody → jhammink
Hi Jon do you need help finishing this test?
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I could use some help with steps 3 and 4, yes.  Sorry I have not had a chance to investigate it so far.  Thanks Florin.
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This is not a smoketest so we wontfix this.

If it's brought back into the smoketest suite we can do it!
Closed: 8 years ago
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