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RP documentation for FXA on FxOS




4 years ago
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We need to provide documentation to people writing certified (and eventually third-party) apps that demonstrates:

1. What FXA looks like
   - UX, UI

2. How to use it (technical details)
   - what I do locally
   - how I deal with the assertion
   - how to work with the verifier
   - what the verifier returns (email, uid)

Deeper questions involve session management, logout, etc.

This should be attached to the Firefox Accounts wiki
Whiteboard: [qa?]

Comment 1

4 years ago
Other questions to consider:

Is this Persona "under the hood"?
   - Can a FxA be used for any sites that allow logging in via Persona?

Will this work/merge with Firefox Sync?
Mardeg, hi,

Thanks for your question.

This is BrowserID under the hood, but not Persona.  That is, we're using the same API as Persona (watch(), request(), etc., and BrowserID assertions), but it's not using Persona itself.

This will work with Firefox Sync.  In fact, Firefox Accounts grew out of sync's requirements.

The best place to start with questions about Firefox Accounts and Persona is this FAQ:

Mardeg and yes, point taken about adding that to the RP documentation - but I wanted to comment here in case you wanted an answer to those questions now :)
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2 years ago
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