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Search suggestions in the Metro autocomplete panel


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Windows 8.1
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We should add a user story for showing suggested search queries as you type in the urlbar, similar to Fennec.
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Summary: Story - Search suggestions in the Metro autocomplete panel → Search suggestions in the Metro autocomplete panel
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Is this what we want to implement?
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Yes, that's the correct functionality.  I think we want to change the presentation to group the suggestions next to the search engine in the "Search" section of our autocomplete popup, somewhat similar to Firefox for Android (attachment 624041 [details]).
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Removing 'uiwanted' keyword as UX dependency bug has been created which blocks bug 939570.
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Does this look good?

Also, can you assign this bug to me?
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Autocomplete suggestions MetroFX

Very nice!  Yuan, do you have any feedback or ideas on this design for showing suggested search queries as you type?
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Thanks for taking a lead on this Eklavya!

I do have some ideas to improve auto-complete screen. Personally I think using one tile for represent each search suggestion is taking too much valuable real estate on this screen.

Michael will be leading a redesign of a new layout to better represent all information on this screen. Please follow bug963663 for updates. Thanks!
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We never shipped the metro support!
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