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Australis breaks Tree Style Tabs


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Steps to reproduce:

Started with Tree Style Tab

Actual results:

Sidebar and top nav bar are misaligned with tab graphics showing through tree tabs, with Mac close, min, max buttons covering back button.
Not sure this is something we need to fix on our side, or something the add-on developer needs to fix, but marking so we don't forget. Thanks for the bug report!
Component: Untriaged → Toolbars and Customization
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Whiteboard: [Australis:P4][Australis:M?]
IIRC Matt has looked into this.
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I too am having trouble with Tree Style Tab and Australis.  I'm on Linux.

I was using the "Flat" skin for the tabs, and with the Australia update this makes all the background tabs almost unreadable.  I've attached a screenshot.

I worked around this by changing to the "Metal" skin, which doesn't look great but is actually readable.
But there's a bigger problem, which relates to the selection of tabs.  Normally with Tree Style Tabs, any tab that has children can be collapsed/expanded by clicking on a little "twisty" at the LHS of the tab.  If you click anywhere else in the tab (other than the "X") the tab will be selected.

With Australis this is inverted.  If you click in the tiny '-' box on the RHS of a tab with children, the tab will be selected.  If you click anywhere else (other than the "X") the tab will collapse/expand.  (See the attached screenshot.)

This is really annoying!  Selecting a tab, which is a common operation, now requires a very precise mouse movement.  Collapsing/expanding a tab, which is an uncommon operation, is much easier.  Even worse, the '-' box is right next to the "X" so it's easy to accidentally close a tab when trying to hit it.
Attachment #8334843 - Attachment description: The "Flat" skin with Australia → The "Flat" skin with Australis
More breakage:  when you middle click on a link, the new tab is supposed to be created as a child tab of the current tab.  With Australis this is broken -- the new tab is a top-level tab and is opened at the very bottom.
Another, minor thing: after exiting "customize" mode, the tabs are shown at the top, not the side.  If you click on a tab, then the window is immediately redrawn with the tabs at the side.  It would be nice if the at-the-side tabs were shown immediately after existing "customize" mode.
Another minor thing: after exiting "customize", the nesting I had in my tabs (i.e. some tabs are parents of other tabs) disappeared, and I was left with a flat list.
And if you do "Open all in tabs" on a bookmark folder and then choose "Open as a new tree" it again doesn't actually create a tree, but just adds the tabs onto the end without any hierarchy.

In short, the "Tree" part of "Tree Style Tabs" is utterly busted.  Actually, this means that my problem from comment 4 is no longer an issue -- now that my tab nesting has entirely disappeared, I don't have any tabs that are parents of other tabs, and so clicking in the main part of the tab now just selects instead of collapsing/expanding.  But it's not exactly the ideal way to fix that problem :)
Summary: Firefox Nightly (2013-11-18) breaks Tree Style Tab ( → Firefox Nightly (2013-11-18) breaks Tree Style Tab (
Component: Toolbars and Customization → Extension Compatibility
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I couldn't work out if the extension author has a Bugzilla account, so I emailed him privately to point him at this bug.
His Github shows he's already working on Australis support:
Yes, I was also submitting pull requests yesterday:
Ever confirmed: true
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Summary: Firefox Nightly (2013-11-18) breaks Tree Style Tab ( → Australis breaks Tree Style Tabs
The major issues have been fixed by piroor. Please file remaining Tree Style Tabs bugs at
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Whiteboard: [Australis:P4][Australis:M?] → [Australis:P4][Australis:M-]
Is there an updated version available for download? still has the old 0.14.2013112901 version.
Here, you can download

treestyletab.xpi        14-Dec-2013 22:07   1.2M
Thank you thank you thank you! Ah, it's so good to have it back =)
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