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[User Story] Datastore: Time of Use Permission Prompt


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User Story:
As a user, when one of my apps attempts to access the datastore of another app, I want to be informed and allowed to decide if that app should have access, so that I can protect my data.

Acceptance Criteria:
1. At the time when app A requests access to a datastore, I am warned that app A would like to access data from another app.
2. As part of the prompt in 1, I am informed which app's data that app A is attempting to access.
3. When prompted in 1, I can choose whether or not to grant app A access to the datastore.
4. I install more than one app which create datastores by the same name.  When another app attempts to read from a datastore by that name, I am prompted as in 1/2, but I am able to choose which apps' data that I want to grant access to.  The requesting app gets access to only the datastores associated with apps that I gave permissions to.
5. I install app A which creates a datastore called "data".  I install and run app B which attempts to access datastore "data".  I grant app B permissions to access "data".  I install app C which creates another datastore called "data".  I run app B which attempts to access both "data" datastores.  I am warned that app B would like to access data from app C.
6. Permissions granted by the user persist until the user changes the permissions via the Settings.

1. Read/write access not separated at this point.  Access permission implies whatever access is requested (read or read/write).
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Blocks: 942641
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Due to churn in the datastore API, the target for this user story is shifting to 2.1.
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