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The new Australis "GUI" makes Firefox Chrome and absolutely decimates the ability to customize Firefox. Attached is a screenshot of Firefox toolbars 24 (yearly), 27 (42 day release) and 28 (also 42 day release). Firefox 24 screenshot is how my GUI is customized for my daily use. Firefox 27 shows how my individual profiles for new versions and non-serious versions (42 day release cycles I don't use) are customized. Firefox 28 nightly shows how badly the GUI has been destroyed making it utterly unusable.

I will upload a clean/customized profile for testing purposes in a follow-up post in a moment.

It should be noted that my computer clients will all have their cleaned up copies of Firefox absolutely crippled should this come to pass.

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5 years ago
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Mozilla Firefox customized profile folder.

This zip contains a Firefox profile folder. Extract it to your profiles folder

e.g. win7: My Documents (now called "user files")\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

Edit the "profiles.ini" file in the directory above.

The profile works fine in Firefox 27 and older (all the way back to Firefox 1.5).

Testing it in Firefox 28 the whole GUI becomes crippled and it's extremely clear that many customization options have been REMOVED such as the ability to move the address bar on to the bookmarks toolbar. Tabs are FORCED above toolbar items suggesting websites have priority over the user's control of them, etc.

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5 years ago
What is the problem, in one sentence? Buzzwords like "absolutely" and highly subjective words like "decimate" don't make a good bug report.

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5 years ago
Andre: the Australis "GUI" negates a multitude of customization options and makes Firefox unusable, especially to those who already have customized GUIs. The purpose of Firefox was to have a Mozilla browser that was customizable (which Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey was not). So even with an already customized profile most of the desired changes by the user is not only negated but forcibly overridden effectively making the browser more unusable like Chrome in it's lack of function, ability to customize and overall appearance/layout.
So, there are various issues highlighted in this bug, but all of them have separate bugs. As it is, this bug isn't really useful, and the polemic language doesn't help, so I'm going to mark this as invalid.
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