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Update NSPR to NSPR_4_10_3_BETA1 on trunk


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This will pick up the fixes for bug 941461 and bug 932398.
Blocks: 929236
For reference, results of "python update_nspr NSPR_4_10_3_BETA1".
I'm seeing a smattering of greens that leads me to believe this was needs-clobber bustage. Please confirm that this is green on Try and then it can re-land with a touch of the CLOBBER file. Also, this'll probably need a Core::Build System bug filed for the needs-clobber.
All the PR_SyncMemMap changes have been green on try.  The only other non-configure/build changes in the cset are two hunks in ptthread.c.
The forced clobber and retrigger on Ryan's merge went mostly green, so I guess this is needs-clobber.
ted: can I reland this for you?
Looks like Ted is out sick.  Relanding with CLOBBER touched:
Closed: 6 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla28
shouldn't the nspr version check be bumped up in because of a newly introduced NSPR API?
My build against system-nspr 4.10.2 failed:
/var/tmp/portage/www-client/nightly-9999/work/mozilla-central/dom/asmjscache/AsmJSCache.cpp:1127:7: error: use of undeclared identifier 'PR_SyncMemMap'; did you mean 'PR_MemMap'?
This patch didn't introduce any usage of that API, you probably want to complain to Luke in bug	929236...
(In reply to Walter Meinl from comment #11)
Bug 9229236 did add a use of the new API added in this bug, which seems fine.  Perhaps the system-nspr in question needs updating?
Oops, I mean bug 929236.
Yeah, please fix the configure check to require 4.10.3 (even if it doesnt exist yet), i also hit this build breakage when trying to build trunk with system nspr.

/src/mozilla-central/dom/asmjscache/AsmJSCache.cpp:1511:7: error: use of undeclared identifier 'PR_SyncMemMap'; did you mean 'PR_MemMap'?
  if (PR_SyncMemMap(file->FileDesc(),
/usr/local/include/nspr/prio.h:1847:18: note: 'PR_MemMap' declared here
NSPR_API(void *) PR_MemMap(
/src/mozilla-central/dom/asmjscache/AsmJSCache.cpp:1511:21: error: cannot initialize a parameter of type 'PRFileMap *' with an rvalue of type 'PRFileDesc *'
Note that aurora is broken too. Should we file another bug on this ?
NSPR_4_10_3_BETA2 pushed to mozilla-inbound:
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Depends on: 1030692
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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