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Design, prototype, and propose (to html-media) a method of using demuxed data with the MSE API


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From internal discussions it seems like there's a use case for supplying the MSE API with demuxed data in some form to allow JS processing of streams and not require remuxing into an MSE-supported container format.

I don't have even a vague plan at this stage, so filing the bug to act as a placeholder for later discussion and actions.

Example use cases:
- Shumway support for RTMP streams by reading from RTMP and writing h.264/AAC packets
- Shumway support for FLV streams containing supported codecs
- HLS support in UAs that support h.264/AAC but not MPEG-2 TS by moving demuxing to JS
- Handling encrypted tracks in JS

Removing the container loses at least the following data that would need to be supplied some other way:
- mapping of codec packets to tracks
- mapping of codec packets to timestamps
- initialization packets (e.g. Vorbis headers in WebM)
Component: Audio/Video → Audio/Video: Playback
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