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Text selection Actionbar generates JS error in browser.js


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If I use the actionbar to 'select All' text in an <input> field, then use it to 'Cut', I get a javascript message generated into logcat:

Error: "TypeError: aElement is null" {file: "chrome://browser/content/browser.js" line: 6598}]

This is currently pointing here:
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I can look into this.
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This error is caused by the fact that aElement is null in the SEARCH_ADD selector:

This happens because this._targetElement is null here in SelectionHandler._sendMessage:

This happens because the cut actions calls copySelection, which calls _closeSelection, which clears the state of the SelectionHandler, but then _updateMenu expects there to be an active selection.

However, even if we get rid of the _closeSelection call in copySelection (which I think makes sense), notifySelectionChanged will close the selection for us.

This feels like a mess :/ I think we need to audit the places we close the selection vs. keeping it active. For example, I see we're calling _closeSelection in the share action (although we're also calling _closeSelection inside shareSelection itself).
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This fixes some issues with copy and cut.

As I mentioned in my last comment, copySelection closes the selection. Since after performing a cut, we want a caret to appear when the text got removed, we should actually just be calling attachCaret, to set up SelectionHandler with TYPE_CURSOR.

And since copySelection closes the selection, we shouldn't call _updateMenu afterwards in the COPY action. It just throws an error.

We also don't need to call _closeSelection in the SHARE action, since shareSelection also takes care of that for us.
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I'm not sure who should own these closeSelection calls, but I obviously went overboard with them :) Thanks.
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