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Autocomplete should execute native getters


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document.title returns a getter and completion suggestions are inaccurate. We need to execute safe/native getters.
Regression caused by bug 842682. We have a test that was supposed to check this stuff, browser_webconsole_bug_651501_document_body_autocomplete.js. However, it changed too much in time and now it's too permissive - it doesn't check which properties are shown in the popup.
Depends on: 842682
Keywords: regression
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Patch started as a bit of code shuffle in JSPropertyProvider - it grew too confusing / easy to break. Then I found the problem with executing native getters - see DebuggerObjectSupport.getProperty().

Any improvements we could make?

In the future, it would be nice if we could reuse stuff from actors/script.js. I saw we have functions there for similar purposes.

(no try push yet, due to tree closure)
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Looks fine to me, but it would be better to add an explicit test for document.title or a similar getter.

::: toolkit/devtools/webconsole/utils.js
@@ +1037,5 @@
> +    let safe = desc.get.callable && desc.get.class == "Function" &&
> +               desc.get.script === undefined;
> +    if (!safe) {
> +      return null;

Maybe we should move the hasSafeGetter() and getProperty() helper functions from script.js to DevToolsUtils.js and reuse them here, but it's up to you.
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Thanks for the review!

Updated the patch to move getProperty() and hasSafeGetter() as suggested. Also added testing for document.title.

Do note that I fixed two issues in getProperty(): (1) it called native getter functions on prototype objects, not on the root/start object, which made it fail in many cases; (2) when it executed a native getter it returned a debugger completion value, not the actual function return value - breaking its callers. I found these problems when working on bug 843004.

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bonus interdiff :)
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