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Run Webmaker user testing session Jan 24


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* GOAL: bring in representatives from these four target groups:
... to help test out new Webmaker features, exchange ideas, and bring our developers and users closer together 

* We can start in Mozilla Toronto office -- then look to make them more virtual / distributed / everywhere 

* The idea: open up the Friday Webmaker 4pm ET demo session to a wider audience of users. About once a month, or every other month. 
* That way, users can test out the best of what we've shipped over a given period And provide hands-on testing and feedback for the designers and developers.

* Kathryn and Karen have volunteered to help organize these in Toronto. Beginning in January.

* Next step: discuss in cross-team call. Then add next steps here.
@ Kathryn: let's set a date for this and put it on the calendar so we can ask people to save the date.
* Do you have a recommended Friday for this? Would Friday @4pm on Jan 31 work?
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Let's do either Fri Jan 24 or Fri Feb 7. Jan 31st is the proposal deadline for Hive's next round of funding so we'll lose potential attendees to last minute applications.
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@ Kathryn: Fri Jan 24 sounds good. Can we set that as the date? I'll co-ordinate with the Webmaker team
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Yes, date set. Karen will be the point person on this moving forward.
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@ Kathryn: we'll need to write up a quick blog post to advertise and explain this. (I can do this Thurs)

* Plus do we want to set up an Event Brite page? (can you do that?)
Summary: Start first Webmaker "demo party" in January → Run Webmaker user testing session Jan 24
@ Karen is working on this for the Hive side so I'll let her respond. Just FYI we are both out for a Hive meetup on Thursday afternoon so if you need anything for the blog, connect with Karen before then.
* whoops sorry Kathryn and Karen! I knew that, but typed the wrong name in haste. My bad.
Assignee: kathryn → karen.louise.smith
Np :-)
I just put a bunch of idea notes in the cross team etherpad and will get to work on some infor about the event after the x-team call today
* Perfect. Sounds great! 

* We have interest from others who want to replicate this model in other places -- Tanha from Bangladesh for example. (CC'ed)

* So let's document as we go and hopefully make it easy for others to hold user testing sessions of their own. :)
Hey, Thanks for CC'ing me! I would love to help you out! :)
* @Karen: moved the notes on this from today's call to this pad:
* We're getting interest from people who want to help on this, but aren't sure how to get involved.

A few notes:
* it's very early  in the process and this is our first user testing session
* our goal is to document it and ship it as a kit or How To others can use to host their own Webmaker user testing sessions
* the goal is to help Webmaker users provide feedback, tell us what to design and build next, and feel a sense of ownership in the Webmaker project
* our target audience is mostly teachers, informal educators, and techies interested in teaching others digital skills

* We'll have a blog post and how to guide ready by early February
* The question for now is: how can people who want to get involved help out *before* then? 

(thinking about that now...)
This is interesting ! The same model can be easily replicated as an event in Cyber cafe / computer institute as these places could provide FREE - SPACE , RESOURCES AND INTERNET . This would also be a good start to pull some contributors for testing projects across Mozilla .
+ Ben and Bobby

There's a desire to do user testing for Appmaker at Campus Party Brazil, which is January 27th.  If a resource to run user testing for App Maker emerges, would be great to use this at the Webmaker user testing session.
@ Karen: could you maybe share whatever assets you and Cassie already created on this?
* I'm going to work on a blog post about this for tomorrow. 

* Karen: do you want me to create the Event Brite page? Or do you want to? (do you remember what we set as our max number of participants? 20?)
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I started an EventBrite and added the copy to for easy commenting

I've been tweaking the name of the event a bit.  I think we might want to stress some combo of design, feedback and learning.
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Cassie, Kat and I had some convos on toolkits for user testing in the summer.  We didn't get far enough to have resources to share out.  I think this would be a good work week project post Jan. 24th's event.
One basic question @OpenMatt, did you book the Community Space and Osgoode for this event?  I just wanted to double check as I do not have calendar access.
Double-checking with Rebecca now
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We should be good to -- there's a work week happening that week so just waiting to confirm with David Bolter. We're cool from 5:30 to 7. Just need to double-check with him about 4 to 5:30
Meeting set-up emails were sent to Amira, Dale, Bobby, Matt, Kate, Jbuck, and Scott to get this thing planned!
* We have successfully booked the Community Space and Osgoode in MozTO office for the event
* Rebecca says we have some left-over beverages we can use as well
* Working on that (overdue) blog post to publish on this this afternoon!
(In reply to karen.louise.smith from comment #22)
> Meeting set-up emails were sent to Amira, Dale, Bobby, Matt, Kate, Jbuck,
> and Scott to get this thing planned!

Recommend scheduling for 3:30pm ET Friday, to flow into the Webmaker demo session. Good fit.
* Here's my draft blog post on the user testing event and process.

* Going to publish tomorrow (Tuesday)
* Just published a Webmaker blog post about this here:

* Includes key calls to action, ways to get involved, and next steps
I publicized via the @HiveToronto minigroup and will ping some members directly who may be interested.

One issue Hive members asked about is whether this event is for youth.  I've indicated the stations are geared for adults at this prototype event but wanted to share in case this pops up again or elsewhere.
@Brett: Appmaker version of this is separate bur related need; issue here
* Tanha just asked about remote participation. I wonder if we could have remote folks help us test some Together.js tasks...

* @ Tanha: if your'e interested in that, please let us know? 
The event will run from: 9pm to 12am GMT -- not sure if those times will work for you.
* We could really user your help today promoting this event to the Toronto community :) 
* So far we only have three people registered

* KATHRYN / KAREN: can you guys do some targeted outreach to Hive Toronto members?

* I will send an email to the MozTeach list. Plus the Webmaker newsgroup.
* Plus promote on social channels: @Mozilla, @Webmaker, @MozTeach, etc.

* We can also promote it in the Monday Mozilla All Hands

* Anyone have other ideas on how we can promote this to the Toronto community?
Here's a sample tweet. Please re-tweet / pass along to your networks:

In Toronto? Interested in teaching web literacy & digital skills? Come play, test & hack with us at @Mozilla Jan 24!
@ Karen: Tanha is interested in helping remotely by doing some Together.js testing

* @ Karen / Tanha: can you add this to the list of user testing stations here? We'll need to set up and plan for that:
Personal invites sent to a few Hive members and Regnard Requadan, MOzilla Rep. Will also continue to share through Hive's social media channels.
* We updated the list of user testing stations with owners here: (yay! :)

* Tanha: Karen is going to work with you on a Together.js station. People are really excited about that!
Kat and I chatted about manning the events UX section and will further chat next week about what we want to test coming out of her workweek with Gavin. 

Will send emails and post on social sites throughout the weekend to help promote. I can also check if we can give out some of the spare (random sizes) mozilla shirts in storage in the Toronto office. There's a random mixture but at least it's something.
Webmaker tshirts may arrive in time.  I ordered a batch for such purposes before the holidays.
Hi Karen, I just left you with a personal e-mail. Do check :)
Hi Tanha, I started a plan for Together.js collaboration here and it would be great for you to comment on it and let me know what you think.  I will also reply to your email.
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* Hey all: can we try to keep a definitive list of the user testing stations here: 

* If you're planning to run something, can you ensure you've added yourself to that etherpad. (Updated as of Friday.)
* Looks like we have 9 people signed up to come so far:

* I just promoted again on social media:
Hey, Toronto! Still a few spots left for our #Webmaker hack and playtest session in the @mozilla office this Friday:

* Let's do some more targeted individual outreach today and tomorrow? Would be great to have at least 20 or 30 sign-ups -- given that half or so of those may not actually show up on the day.
@ Karen: can you include a link to the Webmaker user testing blog post on the eventbrite page?
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Hi Matt, I think Reps of Toronto can help you with this :)
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(In reply to TanhaIslam from comment #44)
> Hi Matt, I think Reps of Toronto can help you with this :)

Sweet! Can you reach out to them?
Well we have only 2 Reps from there,
Link added to the eventbrite and Kathryn M. did some reps outreach in Toronto already with some success :)
Yes, Regnard has already registered through eventbrite.
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