Update plugincheck page for new Flash security update 11.9.900.152




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Update plugincheck page for new Flash security update 11.9.900.152

May reports for items with new silent flash update are reported to have stopped working. 
 I stated that it worked perfectly for the first day I downloaded it, then shut down my comp, und when I started up again the next day, Firefox was having issues with flash whereas it wasn't before when I downloaded it.

Well, same scenario. Though, my ghetto workaround is:

1.Download Flash (rather just use the already saved installer in my Downloads folder of the most recent version of shockwave flash).

2. Install Flash. (Make sure Firefox is closed)

3. Start Firefox after installation is complete.

4. Firefox works perfectly!

5. After done for the day on computer, exit und shut down.

6. After whatever the case, start up computer when next ready to use.

7. Load up Firefox.

8. Have issues with hanging und force closing issues due to Flash (be it youtube, imvu, my bank website, any site that uses flash including support.mozilla.org)

9. Get frustrated as it JUST worked the last time my computer was on.

10. Close Firefox via force close.

11. Go to downloads folder, run installation for Flash again, while flash is STILL installed on firefox.

12. Once installation is finished, open Firefox und enjoy.

13. (Repeat steps 5 through 13.) 

reports of flash video not working, and any website requiring a flash plug in.
(ie "I'm constantly getting a
"Adobe Flash plugin crashed" error. My screen starts flickering and I
can't type and have to close the page.")
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