ToC rendering in new theme is hard to read



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What did you do?
The way in which the new theme provides a nexted table of contents block looks pretty bad, for example:

The way the bullets are rendered us much worse than the indented tree style of indentation used previously, or in the Add-on SDK docs.

What happened?
The ToC structure is rendered as if it is the table of contents in a reference book

What should have happened?
The tablje of contents should preserve the established indented / nested look from both the previous MDN theme *and* the SDK docs which are the source for the material in the page I linked to.

Is there anything else we should know?
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toc in the new theme - hard to read
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toc rendered with the original MDN theme
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toc rendered in the Add-on SDK docs
Summary: ToC rendering in new theme is terrible → ToC rendering in new theme is hard to read
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There are a few bugs discussing this, but I don't remember which ones they are. Holly can you link them here?

David - how much work is it to run an A/B test w/ optimizely to give the ToC an indented tree style?
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TOC related bugs I have been cc'd on:

TOC should indent subheadings

TOC doesn't work when <h3> without <h2>

The fact the TOC is collapsable is hardly discoverable
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Not long to A/B test but if it's something that's been complained about forever we should just pick a solution to run with.  It sounds like the current style set upsets people.
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Making a call based on discussion in mdn-drivers [1]:

Take out the numbers (this bug), restore the indentation (bug 914797). We can do them both in a single commit, and see if that also fixes bug 916444.


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5 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
fix bug 947832, 944560, 937136, 914797, 914946 - Remove TOC counters and indent listing
Merge pull request #1783 from darkwing/toc-spacing

fix bug 947832, 944560, 937136, 914797, 914946 - Remove TOC counters and indent listing


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