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need a devmo page on favicon guidance


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Not set


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Problem summary: AFAICT there is no devmo documentation on favicons. 

Suggestion fix: Devmo should at least have a page with "favicon" in the title and URL path that describes how to simply add a favicon for a page or site, and the standard(s) (and non-standards) for doing so in FF and various other browsers.

Doing a " favicon" search - first 10 pages of results - no pages with "favicon" in the title nor simple description. There's a bunch of arcane nsI*** mozI*** XPCOM APIs that mention favicons or do things with them but that's not much help to a developer looking for documentation on how to simply *add* a favicon to their page or site.

Related documentation:
* W3C How to Add a Favicon to your Site:
* Wikipedia Favicon:
* Stackexchange:
* Blog post "Understand the Favicon":

Also, the "Link types" page, specifically the section on rel=icon, should link to this new page on favicons.

Thanks for your consideration.
Additional questions to answer in documentation:

* Is there some recommended behaviour for choosing a preference order for favicons to download e.g. choose in order of link in HTML source.
* Do different browsers have some internal preference order anyway?
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Duplicate of this bug: 1236237
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