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policy for deleting data


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We need a policy for deleting data for Input.

How long should we retain response email addresses?

How long should we retain responses?

After figuring out the policy, we should codify it somewhere (the fjord docs? wiki?) and write a cronjob to implement the policy.
We should also run the policy by privacy folks.
I sent an email to the advocacy list about what their requirements are for data retention. Will follow up here when there's a consensus.
Moving this to 2014q2. Also, making this a P1 and taking it. This really needs to get figured out asap.
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Bumping this to 2014q2.
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Sent another email to the advocacy list to hash this out.
We hashed this out on the advocacy list. The resulting Input data retention policy is as such:

1. We keep feedback data (feedback_response) forever, but only the last 6 months of data is available on the public dashboard.

2. We keep email addresses (feedback_responseemail) for 6 months and then delete them.

3. We keep context data (feedback_responsecontext) for 6 months.

4. We reserve the right to delete responses that contain hate speech and abuse.

What needs to happen is the following:

1. codify the data retention policy in a page on Input

2. add a link to the relevant places (site footer, feedback forms, etc) to our data retention policy page

3. write a cron job that deletes records in feedback_responseemail and feedback_responsecontext older than 6 months

4. change the code for the public dashboard to only show 6 months of data
Depends on: 1055785
Depends on: 1055788
Depends on: 1055789
Created the bugs for implementing the bits.
Scratch that 4th item in the policy--that's already covered in the Legal Disclaimers and Limitations document linked in the footer of Input:
This is completed now. Marking as FIXED. Yay!
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Retro-actively making this 2 points. It took a while to figure out.
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