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FxOS 1.2: app reload doesn't take changes into account


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Each time I want to update a packaged app previously installed in the simulator I have to remove the app from the app manager, and from the simulator too, and add it again.

If I don't remove it from the App Manager either it isn't updated or it isn't killed and I can't see the difference. If I knew how to kill an app or if it was automatically killed it would be swell.

If I don't remove it from the simulator, and remove it from the App Manager and install again, I end up with various instances of the same app in the simulator.

I'm using Nightly 2013-12-06 so it's super up to date.
That should not happen. Which version of the Simulator do you use?
1.2 - the only one I can find?
And *App Manager*
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Soledad, what version of the Simulator do you see in the add-on manager?  For example, I have "Firefox OS 1.2 Simulator 6.0pre6.20131125".
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I have that one too.
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I can reproduce this here, on 1.2.

Soledad, until we fix that, you can kill your app with a long press on the home button.
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Summary: Need to remove and re-add app for it to be actually updated → FxOS 1.2: app reload doesn't take changes into account
Soledad, can you confirm that it works for you with Firefox OS 1.3:
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So this happens because we didn't uplift attachment 821060 [details] [diff] [review] from bug 920481 to Gecko 26. I'll see if it's something we can add to Firefox OS 1.2.
Depends on: 920481
Yep, it WORKS with the Firefox OS 1.3 simulator.

Hopefully it can be backported to 1.2 :D
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Duplicate of bug: 920481
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