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Wifi hotspot settings prevent users pressing OK w/o any error messages


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1. Go to Internet Sharing > Hotsopt settings
2. Changes security to WPA2 (AES)
3. Attempt to change the password to a five letter word, e.g. "happy"
4. Try to tap the OK button on the top right


1. The OK button is disabled, with a error message somewhere saying "Your password must longer than 8 chars" or something, or,
1 (alt). Not disabling the OK button, but when the user tapping on it, prevent people from leaving the dialog by taking user to a error modal saying the same message.


1. The OK button is disabled without actually telling people why.


The original header design gave a pretty notable visual difference between disabled/enabled OK button, so it's not hard for people to figure out. The current header design makes it harder to realize you need to come up with a longer password, especially for novice users. I tried a few times before figuring out what's wrong with it (or what's wrong with me).

needinfo? ux for consideration.
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This is pretty abysmal. Did not know longer passwords had landed already... have they? Flagging Francis.
blocking-b2g: --- → 1.3?
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Triage: after some discussion, we concluded this is a feature even through it's relatively small.

Please re-non for 1.4 after UX spec is produced.
blocking-b2g: 1.3? → -
The difference between the active state and the OK button state is too subtle, and not easily recognizable. We should increase contrast between states. We can file another bug for increasing contrast. 

Because the icon states may not provide sufficiently obvious feedback, we should also provide text-based copy and other feedback. We should add, here, that if the user has not entered a sufficient number of characters in the password and clicks OK, the user should see error handling that says "Password must be longer than 8 characters." This is what we do in FTU, and the exact error handling string should be taken from there and used in this case as well. 

Also, this is an addition to the Settings spec, so I am flagging Neo.
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Hi All, Please check the attached file. Maybe we can fix this bug by this way.
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After talking with Neo offline we agree to do the following:

-- Have the hint under security show dynamically, only shown when the user selects to options other than "open".
-- Update the label to "The length of the password must be at least 8 characters."
-- Move Security before Password, along with the hint.
-- Remove the plaintext password in the previous panel; only show the password when the user goes to this panel and check "Show password".

This should be a good first bug to take.
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Please check the attached UX document. Thanks
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Great, thanks!
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My first time hacking on Gaia and this ticket looked like a good first one. :)
Let me know what else is needed and I'd be happy to make the changes.
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My first stab at implementing the changes in hotspot settings.

This generally looks OK, except you would need to add "hotspot-password-desc" to apps/settings/locales/ so that localizers could properly localize that description. Please amend your patch by

git checkout bug947563
<edit file>
git commit --amend -a

and force push it to the same branch on Github

git push -f origin bug947563

I am not one of the Settings app owner/peer so I am redirect the review to my colleague.

Thank you for your quick fix!
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Added missing locale and pushed change.
Assignee: nobody → jroesslein
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My first stab at implementing the changes in hotspot settings.

Thank you for the quick fix! r=me.

I'll merge the patch for you once the travis becomes green.
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