New Permaorange: /tests/content/events/test/test_bug864040.html | TEXTAREA: failed to set selection



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(Reporter: gwagner, Assigned: robert)


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On b2g emulator builds with debug-gecko:

Regression range:
I don't think my patches can have caused this, since they should only affect <input>, and there's no <input> used in test_bug864040.html. Masayuki, could your patches for bug 930374 have caused this?
> Masayuki, could your patches for bug 930374 have caused this?

I don't think so. It fails to set selection via nsIDOMWindowUtils::SendSelectionEvent()...
What is Pine, anyway, and how is it related to m-i?
Pine is a project branch to add new testing frameworks for b2g. Currently we are trying to add mochitests on b2g-emulators running debug-gecko (right now we only have opt builds running mochitests). We keep regressing it and this prevents us from deploying to all tbpl pages.
Moving test_bug864040.html to dom/events/test in bug 946065 causes this test to perma-fail too.

I think the test can only ever have worked on B2G by luck, and should be disabled on B2G.
(In reply to Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] from comment #0)
> Regression range:

This link is dead unfortunately.
This patch I landed and then had backed out also made that test go permaorange on B2G ICS Emulator Opt for some reason:
Comment on attachment 8357582 [details] [diff] [review]
disable test on B2G

Review of attachment 8357582 [details] [diff] [review]:

I think this is a debug-only test failure and we disable this test with a lot of other failing tests in bug 929122. I am not sure that disabling on other b2g-environments is needed.
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It is not debug-only with Andrew's patch from comment #8 or when I simply move the test from content/events to dom/events. That strongly suggests to me the test is only passing on b2g opt by luck.
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