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Australis: subview is jumping down/right a bit when Lightbeam is installed


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Since about 11-12-2013, the subview panels jump down/right a bit after opening it (this happens at least for History, Bookmarks and Developertools).
Also pointer hover/click seems to be offset with the down/right move. So the mouse thinks the panel is in original place, but the graphics are down/right about 8 pixels...
7 pixels is what I measure is the shift down/right...
I can't reproduce this. These are my steps that I'm trying:
1. With window maximized or restored
2. Open the panel menu
3. Note the anchor position
4. Click on the History button to see the history subview
5. Note that the anchor position hasn't moved.
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Found the crulprit:
The Lightbeam extension (1.0.5) is causing this effect.
Disabling it and the problem won't occur.
Renabling it and the problem does occur again.
This happens in default theme and in other themes as well.

It does happen with all the subview panels.
DOM inspector is no help here, because it is all happening dynamically, and the panels are closed as soon as you switch to DOMi.
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Summary: Australis: subview is jumping down/right a bit → Australis: subview is jumping down/right a bit when Lightbeam is installed
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Lightbeam is no longer supported

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