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land init-with-fxa Weave.js code to elm


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Attached patch weave.diff (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch, from mhammond and ckarlof, changes the Sync XPCOM service to be initialized with an FxAccount instead of purely from previously-saved Sync account data. If we can land it on elm, we can get an elm build which does fxa+sync, but that will probably break old-style sync.
Assignee: rfkelly → warner-bugzilla
This will be interesting to test then.
1. That this patch does indeed make fxa+sync happen
2. This this patch does indeed break old style sync
Whiteboard: [qa+]
I think the goal is to land a version that has a pref to toggle between the two modes, which will make it easier to land on m-c in the long run too.
Pushed to elm as 90dc9c1209d9
Blocks: 951486
No longer blocks: 905997
This is a patch containing the differences between mozilla-central and elm that relate to this bug.  It is all a little messy as stuff has been landing on elm without review, but now there's a bit of a rush to land it to central.  As a result I might have screwed the patch up in some way (eg, missed a relevant file) - if I've done that, please refer to the elm branch.

In particular, this patch is relatively huge.  If it helps, the test changes might be better viewed using the following revisions on elm:

da352ff3e3ee: Bug 949695 followup - add resetCredentials/resetSyncKey to avoid BrowserID setters from being called.
ebbb473f88e8: Bug 949695 tests followup - Add ability to run tests twice - once with each identity manager - and have test_service_startOver use it.
b3d8ec11e222: Bug 949695 tests followup - convert test_service_wipeServer to identity_test infrastructure
10e5556d93be: Bug 949695 tests followup - convert more tests to run with both identity managers.
67c515f2064e: Bug 949695 tests followup - fix test_handleSyncError to reset error account so it passes when run twice

This patch should be just related to changes to Sync itself to make use of the browserid_identity module.  Also note that this patch and the one in bug 949259 really aren't stand-alone.

Requesting review from rnewman and feedback from ttaubert.
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Attachment #8350473 - Flags: feedback?(ttaubert)
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Review of attachment 8350473 [details] [diff] [review]:

I'm not too familiar with all the sync code but this looks ok to me.
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Guess I'll clear this here review flag, then :D
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(In reply to Richard Newman [:rnewman] from comment #8)
> Guess I'll clear this here review flag, then :D

Oh, darn. Can you please file a follow-up for all the comments you had so we can fix this later? Sorry about that.
Cleaning up Resolved/Fixed bugs from December's first release.
Verified that we now have a working first-release of FxA to Desktop/Android Nightly.
Re-open as needed.
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