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After I enabled Sync - my bookmarks are duplicate every day


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Steps to reproduce:

I have three computers with firefox (home, work, notebook). After I got the problem I updated to 26.0  and it still appears. 
I enabled SYNC on home+work computers. I click "menu-Tools-Options-Sync-Pair a device". Followed instructions. I enabled sync (bookmarks, passwords all items) on BOTH computers. No complains - slowly everything has been synced. Bookmarks and passwords from work computer has been added to home computer, and from home computer has been added to work computer.
- - - -
Next day I noticed that all set of bookmarks has been added again. And another next day - again. So I have them 10 times and it keep adding.
- - - -
I made "unpair device" - but it continue to add bookmarks.
- - - -
I changed Sync account to different names - but it continue to add bookmarks.

Actual results:

Same set of bookmarks is added again and again, non stop and continuing.
- - - -
For me It looks like first Firefox when got "new" bookmarks from second Firefox - send those "new" to sync server and say "I got new", and then sync server sends this "new" bookmarks to second Firefox. Then second Firefox receive "new" again send them to sync server and says I also got "new". Then Sync server sends this "new" back to first Firefox as new bookmarks from second. And it works like infinite cycle.

Expected results:

I expect all bookmarks from both Firefox would have unique ID, or get unique ID when Sync enabled. And the same bookmark will not be sent back from second Firefox as new for him and he wants to share this "new" with me. Recognize them by ID and do not duplicate.
- - - -
It is Ok if before Sync - two Firefoxs have same web-site as bookmark, and after Sync both would get two copies of this web-site in bookmarks, because they would have different ID. I can clean up. But do not add them again and again and again.
- - - -
Also I foundin "about:config" values still on (I have disabled sync):
services.sync.engine.addons = true
services.sync.engine.bookmarks = true
services.sync.engine.history = true
services.sync.engine.passwords = true
services.sync.engine.prefs = true
services.sync.engine.tabs = true
Please set

to true, 


to "Trace" (capital T, no quotes), restart Firefox, sync again, and then email me the success-*.log file that will be written into about:sync-log.

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