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Firefox 26 crashes randomly under VMware without showing the bug reporting dialogue.


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Build ID: 20131210132641

Steps to reproduce:

This happens on many web pages, mostly YouTube profiles, but the most reliable way I have found to reproduce this is by typing into the address bar and pressing enter.

Actual results:

Firefox tried to load the page but closed without showing the bug reporting dialogue that is usually shown when it randomly closes.

Expected results:

Firefox should have loaded the Wikipedia article for
I should probably add that I'm using Fedora 19 MATE Edition and I have Adobe Flash Player and OverbiteFF 3.0.1627 installed as addons.

In addition to the above, when Firefox is opened after the crash explained above, it opens with about:sessionrestore listing all of the pages I had open before the crash happened. It wouldn't list the page which crashed the browser, in the above case, the Wikipedia article on
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I apologise for wasting your time, apparently reinstalling Firefox twice fixes the problem...
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I apologise for the previous apology: the problem is still there, just not as bad as it was before.
Now Midori does the same thing when visiting I would be convinced that this is a problem with Adobe Flash if Wikipedia wasn't affected.
Works for me on Ubuntu 13.10 32-bit, with latest Nightly (build ID: 20131215030202)

Could you please update your GPU driver, and then try the following :

1) try this with a clean profile:

2) running in Safe mode:
It just happens that an update for the NVIDIA X server came to RPMFusion today. I cleared the profile and now it's like the old firefox again!

Many thanks and best regards,
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UPDATE: The problem still seems to be affecting me, despite new drivers and clearing out the profile. still seems to be badly affected by this.
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Can you also reproduce this, if you're running in safe mode?
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Strangely not. Here's a list of things I did which didn't fix the problem:

1. Clear the profile, as you suggested
2. Install an update for the NVIDIA X Server from RPMFusion, also as you suggested
3. yum reinstall firefox
4. yum erase firefox, followed by yum install firefox
5. Remove OverbiteFF (gopher addon)
6. I may have even tried removing Adobe Flash

I should also add that I never touched about:config, I only looked at it a couple of times, if that. The only configuration changes I remember making were the homepage (set to last viewed) and turning off smooth scrolling.
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Flags: needinfo?

An update from my package manager installed the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool, which now appears when Firefox shuts down. It claims that Firefox was killed by 'SIGSEGV'.
Component: Untriaged → CSS Parsing and Computation
Product: Firefox → Core
[bumping from CSS to General component; it doesn't look to me like we've determined what area of code is involved yet]
Component: CSS Parsing and Computation → General
Keywords: crash
Summary: Firefox 26 closes randomly without showing the bug reporting dialogue. → Firefox 26 crashes randomly without showing the bug reporting dialogue.
Upgraded to Fedora 20 MATE Edition, it's still a problem and it's stopped showing the bug report dialogue again. I assume it's the same problem as it has the same symptoms and happens on the same websites as before.
I have observed the same thing happening in VMware (just under a second after the VM is started), although curiously not with VirtualBox. I'm considering moving this to LinuxQuestions.
I have managed to reproduce this issue in a very consistent way. Firefox is set up to start using the "windows and tabs from last time". The session consists of 3 separate instances of Munin, all password protected (htaccess) and 1 instance of Twitter. Here are the various situations I tried and the result:

- Normal start, all plugins and extensions disabled: CRASH, whether logged into Twitter or not
- Normal start, all addons/plugins disabled; press ESC when Firefox offers the login/password dialog for 2 or 3 of the Munin pages: NO CRASH. Reload the unauthenticated Munin pages: STILL NO CRASH
- Start in safe mode: NO CRASH

It makes no difference whether FF starts normally or if the session is restored through the "Restore" dialog.

The crash occurs in the first few seconds after FF starts. When it happens, memory usage goes up quite a bit (about 1GB) and if started from a terminal, a standard segmentation fault message appears. The crash dialog does not show. Clearing FF's cache does not help, nor does the "Reset Firefox" feature.
I am seeing this on two different systems, both 64-bit Intel. I had no such problems with Firefox 25 with the very same pages.

It sure looks like simultaneity is a factor here. I cannot share the Munin URLS for obvious privacy reasons, but I'd be glad to help in any other way. However, I don't believe the content of the pages is important, but that's just a gut feeling. I'll have to try investigating a little further with the Profile manager now.
(In reply to Romain Riviere from comment #14)

I just tried with a clean profile and the results are exactly the same as above.

I forgot to mention 2 potentially important things:
- The "Dont load tabs until selected" is not ticked. If ticked, the problem goes away. So simultaneity is definitely a factor.
- I use FF Sync, so the login/pass dialogs are already filled-in, which means I can validate them pretty quickly. Still, not pressing Enter is not enough to prevent the crash.
Further investigation shows that, in my case, this problem was caused by the latest NVidia drivers, which were updated at about the same time. See:
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Reporter, do you still see this problem? (note - NI is disabled)
Summary: Firefox 26 crashes randomly without showing the bug reporting dialogue. → Firefox 26 crashes randomly under VMware without showing the bug reporting dialogue.
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Resolved per whiteboard
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