Crashes by build date should be segregated by channel or not displayed for report/list queries that cross channels



5 years ago
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5 years ago
Currently on the report/list page, there is a graph of crashes by build date.*%29

This graph is currently useless for several reasons:

* it doesn't normalize against ADU, so we're not comparing anything useful. This will be fixed in bug 915246
* it contains channels and types of build. Comparing data across channels is also pretty much useless: what we want is a graph of the builds from a particular channel
By default the report/list page should not combine multiple channels together in this graph. We should either have separate graphs for each channel, *or* don't include the graph at all when the report/list parameters are for multiple channels.

* Even when there is a single channel specified, there are multiple builds on each day. I'm not sure why this is, but most days there should only be a single nightly or aurora build (occasionally there are two builds in a day if we retrigger nightlies for some reason).*%29&channel=nightly

See the pairs 2013121403/2013121404? The 2013121403 build is the only nightly on that day: the 2013121404 build might be a ux/birch/holly build or something else, but it's not important and should somehow be excluded.
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