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[Settings] Move "Reset" option up one level


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2.0 S6 (18july)
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Now the system reset option exist in very deep level. 
Settings-->Device information-->More Information-->Reset Phone

It will makes users hard to find that and the relationship with More Information is weak. 
So I suggest move this option to first level and put in "Device" catagory.
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And also change the option name from "Reset" to "Factory reset" . Please check the attachment for detail.
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Bruce, let's add this to backlog
blocking-b2g: --- → 1.4?
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Moving this to system platform backlog, we should consider this as part of the overall settings rearrangement.
Blocks: 908549
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We'll address all settings reordering in 1.5.
blocking-b2g: 1.4? → ---
ni Omega for overall settings consideration
blocking-b2g: --- → backlog
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After overall consideration, I moved the "Reset Phone" one level up.
See bug 1001312 for the latest UX spec.
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Summary: [Settings] Move "Reset" option up two levels → [Settings] Move "Reset" option up one level
Assignee: nobody → gasolin
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follow omega's design, put reset button in device information panel
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Looks good to me, thanks.
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merged to gaia-master

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Sorry to reopen but you need to back this out or fix it.

You just added a string called "reset", when we already have one. This breaks tools (they can't detect the new string) and localization (you can't localize them differently).



My suggestion would be to call the new string reset-header
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Note: a while ago I filed bug 1013831 to make tests fail when a patch introduces duplicated strings. Until that is fixed, reviewers need to check for those in patches with strings.
Thanks for finding it. reverted cc889a33ef28ce8a3528363f7fae67d946d40b0b
change string to `reset-head`.  

merged to


@Francesco we saw strings are composed in different format like `xxx = ooo` and `xxx2=ooo2`.
Does it effect l10n team's work if we try to unify them in single format?
If it's fine, which format is preferred?
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A renamed string is basically a new string for tools, so it's a really bad idea to start a sprint and rename all of them: they will be reported as new, and people will have to localize them again.

Also: if you have a "reset2", it's only because at some point there was a string called "reset" and it was changed. If you go back to "reset", the risk is to consider as valid some very old localizations that were never updated.

About naming conventions, I'd really prefer a more semantic approach: for example reset-label, reset-button, reset-header, etc. That will make things easier when is English is unclear: is "reset" a name, a verb (action)?
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that make sense to me. Thanks for clarification.
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