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Add a help/tour menu item


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Quoting the wise mbrubeck from

"One other thing I noticed when testing it out is that it goes away awfully quickly and there's no obvious way to get back to it.  We might want to consider adding a way to restore it (help button on the start page?), or showing it for the first few launches instead of just once."

Other option would be a "I get it" or a close button. If it doesn't need strings, we can do it in v1.
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The 2 no-strings solutions discussed so far are:
1 - have the first run page show up on the first n times the user sees the start page on a new profile.
2 - add a help button to start page's nav bar that will load the first run page.

The first option has the advantage of not needing any assets. Any recommendations Yuan?
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I don't think showing the first-run pages multiple times is going to help. This is not expected from our users. It can be annoying for people who already got familiar with the layout at the first time. Having a "Got it" button seems reasonable, however once the users chose to close the help tips, the Start Page without logo and help tips will look blank and empty again. This was the main problem that this on boarding part 1 design was trying to solve.

Asides from part 1 design, we also have part 2 onboarding: Bug949213. No matter whether the user has a fresh profile or not, this part 2 design should be shown when a page is loaded the 1st time on Metro. It does have a "Got it" button for people to dismiss the overlay tips. And the tip for tabs was emphasized here again, since that is something fairly tricky to discover based on the usability study. 

Having a "Help"/"Tour" is part of the plan. We have a "Help"link in the settings, but it's not a easy-to-discover position. We could integrate it into the "Menu" if needed, which I think is a better solution than showing first-run multiple times. 

It would be ideal that the help tips are contextual. For example, on Start Page, tapping "Help" shows only tips for Start Page(basically tips from Onboarding part 1 without the logo). On a website, show tips from Onboarding part 2. 

I can work with SUMO team to write some specific help articles for metro and get them in-time for beta/release. But in terms of in-product changes, I am not positive that there is a proper solution for v1 that doesn't involve string changes. 

Let me know if anyone has other suggestions.
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Didn't we discuss having the help link be one of the default bookmarks? 
I realize that's only useful for people starting with a fresh profile...

We've also punted on empty-result content for Top Sites several times. We know when there are no Top Sites and we could show alternate content in that space. Either as tiles or something else entirely. But that would likely need l10n. 

The other thing we could consider would be injecting a Help/Tour tile into the Top Sites, and have the tour coach them through removing it (among other things)
I agree with Yuan, the tool tips are an added bonus to the first run experience and should not occur unless the user so chooses. That being said, my vote would be to place them contextually in the menu panel, in addition to having them bookmarked for our first run experience.
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I like the idea of adding a "help/tour" menu item, but it would require l10n. Sounds like what we have now should be good enough for v1 though.
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