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Enable MessagePort/MessageChannel by default


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We cannot land this patch until MessagePort in Workers is landed
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I wonder if we should have one extra cycle MessageChannel enabled in non-release, but disabled in beta/release. 
At least this shouldn't land any time close to the next merge.

So, (assuming bug 911972 gets fixed before the next merge) could we land this patch right 
_after_ the next merge, but land a patch which enables MessagePort/Channel for non-release branches by default before the merge.
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I think we should not yet remove the pref, but we should just
set the pref enabled by default in all.js.
Easier and safer to just set the pref false if we see regressions in aurora or beta.

And as long as we have the pref, tests should explicitly set it.
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(new patch coming)
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:baku, any reason that this hasn't landed yet?
Comment 1 does not explain why, so: why is this still turned off by default, instead of turned on so that at least in regular JS context we can make use of MessageChannel (with the webworker implementation landing in some future update, if ever, if the progress on this is any indication)? 

We patched this in 2012, it's now 2015, we're dragging our feet to a ridiculous degree given that the code to support this functionality has already landed. Let's at least get us to "partial support" instead of "not available despite the code already being in place".
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This also had test_interfaces.html failures remaining after the follow-up from comment 12 landed. Please verify that this is green across the board on Try before attempting to push again.
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Depends on: 1177727
For reference, I edited to indicate that this is available on Firefox 41 and Firefox Mobile 41 (not sure about version number for Firefox OS).
Thanks Wladimir, I've added the info in the subpages compat table and I have update Firefox 41 for developers:
Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)
[Why is this notable]: easier/better cross-thread communication for webdevs
[Suggested wording]: Implemented HTML5 MessagePort & MessageChannel APIs
[Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]: &
relnote-firefox: --- → ?
Removed relnote tracking on this bug as the MessagePort and MessageChannel API has already been relnoted in bug 911972. Please let me know if these two bugs are not the same.
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