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google maps not supporting touch properly with multiple input fields


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On my surface pro 2, running nightly (fx 29) in tablet form. 

go to google maps. I tap on the google search bar and the OSK pops up (expected, great). I tap on 'directions' and tap in the 'A' form field. I type in Ghana (I actually started with 'g' and it came up and I said, 'why not')

But it won't let me tap into the 'b' field. The cursor follows me if I tap on the 'search' bar at the top, but for the life of me, I can't get the cursor into the 'b' box.

Note - flipping out my keyboard doesn't seem to have any effect, and now I can't even edit my 'a' box.

If I refresh with the keyboard flipped out, I start coming across the same issue. I can start inputting in one box, but then I can't tap into other boxes. Something is broken here in the metro enviro. 

If it turns out to be evangelism, I'll keep my eyes open for that and get that added to the google meta evangelism bug.
Content is consuming touch via the touchstart event for the entire page so we don't send mouse taps via MetroInput::HandleTap. I think this is an evangelism bug. Note, doesn't have the same problem, their inputs are touch input aware.
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