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Can not delete Rejected App from My Submissions


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Steps to reproduce:

I have an app which is rejected, I want to delete/remove it from 'My Submission'.

Actual results:

I didn't find any options from where I can delete it. 

Expected results:

'Delete App' option should appear in 'Status' tab.
Hello Ram,
Your problem can be solved here.
step1: sign in on
step2:Goto Developers tab..
step3:Sign in there.
step4:After sign in, Developers->My Submissions->your app->Status & Versions.
Hope this will solve your problem.
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Hi Dyvik, Please notice that I was talking about "Rejected App". we dont get "Status & Version" tab there, but its just "Status" tab. And this does not have "Delete App" option. Kindly check out the screenshot here.
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Check this out!
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Dyvik, i forgot to mention that my app was "Hosted App", and as shown in the comment 2, I am not getting option to delete this app now.
Oh i have no idea on hosted apps :(.
Sounds like this is just a wrong conditional in the template.  Marking as contribute since I think this would be easy
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I have not been able to replicate this in a development environment yet.

Here is my method:
1) Submit a new hosted app
2) Go to reviewer tools and reject the app
3) Go back to My Submissions and click on Status
4) A delete option is listed at the bottom of the status page as shown in the screenshot

I'm not sure if I am understanding the bug correctly, any thoughts?
Thanks Andrew.
 If its not the case with you then this may be problem with the one app only specifically. The app is 'flames' and I can't see delete option on 

Kindly let me know to whom should I contact so the he/she can manually set some option to delete it, if possible.
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This is because you are not listed as the owner of the app, you are listed as a developer.

You'll have to ask pritybhudolia to make you an owner.
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