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Context menu fluidly flies to the upper left corner of the screen (FF 29a1)


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29 Branch
Windows 7
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Build ID: 20131226030203

Steps to reproduce:

Making right-clicks.

Actual results:

Randomly right-clicking once in a while makes GUI skip opening a context menu, but the next time it appears, it starts moving diagonally in the top-left direction, and upon reaching the top of the screen, it continues to move to the upper left corner, and then stops. The menu is alive and clickable all along, and if user is nimble enough, he/she can click on desired menu item. I only see this behaviour in FF 28 and 29.

Expected results:

1) context menu should open every time, never skipping a right-click action;
2) when opened, it should not move anywhere.
Hardware: x86 → x86_64
I've never seen anything like this before and I've been running Win64 builds for quite awhile now. Are you sure this is really a 64bit issue?
No, it is not a 64-bit only issue. In fact, I have seen this on FF 28 (32 bit) when it had the new skin/GUI ("Australis") turned on by default -- back when it was on Nightly channel few weeks ago. So FF v29a1 just continues the effect. Maybe this means that this weird effect is the new GUI skin problem.

I actually never seen such behaviour in any application, ever.
So why was this mentioned in the "support Win64" bug?
By mistake, sorry. I listed all three bugs while it should be only two: I forgot that FF 28 was a 32-bit, not a 64-bit build.
Component: Untriaged → Menus
Can you still reproduce this issue. with newer Firefox started in safe mode?
If not, please close by setting status to RESOLVED and resolution to WORKSFORME
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No, I can not reproduce this phenomenon now (and it was not reliably reproducible anyway, it was random), and I have not see it for a very long time.
Closed: 7 years ago
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