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4 years ago
Wallpapers should be able to be dynamically changed without user interaction by non-certified apps.

This would enable infinite fun by leveraging the web for personalization of the device.

How to do it?

Allow to user choose a URL as wallpaper instead of static image?

Or add a new permission?
Everything.me currently customizes the search screen background based on search query. We are also looking at leveraging something like this for the rocketbar/search application as well. I wonder if we should think about something innovative here that considers these use cases.
Interesting! I think we need a "base" background chosen by the user like the current one, and a way to temporarily override it by the rocketbar/search application. I'm not sure yet who should control the logic of rolling back to the default background, and whether we really want a dedicated api for this though!

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4 years ago
As a user, I want my wallpaper to be changed periodically without interrupting me, using Flickr, Instagram or any other source on the web that I choose.

Please re-read comment #0 - it's very different than what you guys are describing. It's a personalization point that is of the Web, and also helps with Android parity (where there are thousands of apps for this).

I dislike background changes during searches of any kind. That is a feature that looks good conceptually (and executives love) but is visual friction for users. Search is a task-oriented activity. The user is not doing it for serendipitous discovery or general browsing. Changing the UI in a way that doesn't materially affect the user's ability to complete the task is unnecessary and should be removed (or not added in the first place).
Sure Dietrich, I get your point. To let non privileged apps do that we need either:
- to change the settings api to a more granular permission model that would let us say "setting wallpaper is available to all". Adding more flexibility to the settings api is something that was discussed already I think, but I can't find any plan of action.
- a new non privileged api. With a prompt that has a "remember me" checkbox that sounds simple enough to implement.


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