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Download App Bar animation janky when taping on the download button


(Firefox for Metro Graveyard :: Downloads, defect)

Windows 8.1
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When taping on the download button while something is being downloaded, the "Download App Bar" slides in but the top of it has a little jank. You'll notice that the "Download App Bar" will slide in smoothly but the top border will be delayed making it appear like there's some jank associated with the animation.

- I've attached a short video, you'll notice that the top border of the Download App Bar will be a bit delayed making the animation look a bit janky.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Open Firefox Metro
2) Download something large from any website (so you have some time to tap the download button several times)
3) Once the download is going, tap on the download button and you'll notice that the border of the "Download App Bar" will come up a little later then the app bar making the animation appear a bit janky

Current Behavior:

- When a user taps on the download button, the top border of the "Download App Bar" appears a second after the app bar slides in making it look a bit janky

Expected Behavior:

- The entire animation should look and feel smooth. When a user taps the download button, the download app bar should slide in with the top border already there.

Used the following builds to find the issue:
I can also reproduce. Not sure at first glance through the code why this is happening.
Blocks: metrobacklog
No longer blocks: metrov1backlog
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Blocks: 898477
No longer blocks: 893066
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