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*** Original post on bio 492 at 2010-09-06 10:11:00 UTC ***

Something like Firefox Sync, that allows to sync your accounts and their settings (excluding proxy settings?), the buddy list and maybe even Instantbird settings as far as this is possible (that would go further than what Firefox Sync does?)
Syncing logs would be nice, but might be more trouble than it's worth at the moment. Delaying this until we have a proper log format might be a good idea.

I've compiled a list with anything I could find about Sync:

One requirement would be to have an own Sync Server for testing, which I can't run myself, so someone else would have to take this part. I'd try to help with this problem as much as my time allows (but I won't try to pull this off on my own, as it seems rather complicated and time intensive from my current point of view).


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*** Original post on bio 492 at 2010-09-06 10:51:01 UTC ***

I think starting from scratch is not a good idea when Firefox has a running an extensible addon anyways.

My guess is the goals would be: 
* Get it loaded and running with Instantbird.
* remove Firefox related things, like sync engines for bookmarks, history, ..?
* add our own sync engines
* make it integrate nicely with Ib: allow to connect to Sync from the No Accounts-screen, include $the preferences pane (and rework it? (it's horrible in my opinion as the collapsable field that contains the account actions is so non-standard))

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*** Original post on bio 492 at 2010-09-06 11:05:51 UTC ***

Some more thoughts:

* Since we might want to follow updates of the 'real addon', we should create patchs out of our changes so we can try to apply them to newer versions and 'only have to fix the problems that occur' instead of having to try to add the changes they did to our code.

* Find out why the addon is rated only 3 out of 5 stars in average on AMO ( ) and try to make it better

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*** Original post on bio 492 at 2010-09-08 23:35:26 UTC ***

flo: can we get a repository for Sync on Would make collaborating much easier.

By the way, after cloning the Firefox folder and doing some obvious replacement + a few bug fixes for things not there in Ib I got it running. It gets pretty far already:

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*** Original post on bio 492 at 2010-09-25 17:57:16 UTC ***

Info: We have the requested repository now at (ab)using branch Sync for development.

Other changes:
Taking this bug despite my concerns in comment 0.
Made the summary a little catchier.
Added dependency on bug 953875 (bio 434) (Use toolkit password manager) as we depend on it to be able to reuse the password syncing code from Firefox.
Assignee: nobody → benediktp
Depends on: 953875
Summary: Sync accounts, buddy list and settings on different computers → Adapt Firefox Sync for Instantbird


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Depends on: 953505
Blocks: 953969


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*** Original post on bio 492 by Michal Stanke <michal.stanke AT> at 2011-08-03 10:33:53 UTC ***

Is there any progress since Sep'10?

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*** Original post on bio 492 by Michal Stanke <michal.stanke AT> at 2011-10-30 12:38:44 UTC ***

(In reply to comment #5)
> Is there any progress since Sep'10?

No progress? I would really appreciate sync for account and contacts (especially grouping and merging them under one name).

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*** Original post on bio 492 at 2011-11-06 14:44:31 UTC ***

I'm not working on any of these -> unassigning from myself so I don't block anyone who'd be willing to take one of them.

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*** Original post on bio 492 at 2012-04-18 17:25:07 UTC ***

Changing status ASSIGNED -> NEW on bugs where there is no assignee set.
Created attachment 8643655 [details]

Attaching Mic's teaser from the wiki.

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Mass-removing myself from being assignee of any Chat related bug as I'm no longer active.
Assignee: benediktp → nobody
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